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The Partnership for a Green City -- Metro Gov't, UofL and the Jefferson
Co. Public Schools -- released its
Climate Action Report.  It was written by
members of their staffs and others, including Louisville CAN.

The report contains Louisville's most comprehensive inventory of its
greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.  With most industrial combustion of coal and
natural gas omitted for a lack of publicly available data,
Louisville emitted
27 tons of GHGs per person in 2006

Implementing the report's 174 recommendations (pp 95-109) would cut
GHGs emissions, save money, create green jobs, improve community
livability and help to repair our economy.  However, commitments to
implementing its recommendations has been weak and vague.  

Ask Mayor Fischer, UofL President Ramsey and Superintendent Donna
Hargens what they commit to do, when.  
How Will Louisville Respond to Climate Change?
Louisville Climate Action Network

The USEPA has begun the process of enforcing the
Clean Air Act to reduce greenhouse gases emissions.
Click here to thank President Obama.
The new year will
very likely include
hotter, drier and
stormier weather.
Resolve now to
reduce your carbon
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